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Take This into Consideration

It begins with the need for firefighters. Today’s firefighters wear many hats. Hats for rescue, extrication, emergency medical care, hazardous materials technician, and life safety inspector, just to name a few.  Wearing all these hats, the firefighter provides an effective, cost efficient service to the public. Keeping this efficiency, and keeping firefighters at peak performance is the goal of training, and 3-D live fire burn buildings are a vital part of such training.  Take time to consider all of your available options by taking these points into consideration. Turn this vital training aid into a long-term asset with proper care and attention.

  • Take time to research. Take advantage of the time to explore all the avenues and ideas.
  • Ensure you know what temperature the structure is seeing at all times.
  • Be familiar with the guidelines of NFPA 1402 and 1403.
  • Get a professional engineer with burn building experience to survey your structure.
  • Think about preventative maintenance.
  • Talk to the Fire Department and training facilities that have burn buildings.  They are only a phone call away. Ask them some of these questions:
    • What has or has not worked for them?
    • What would they do differently?
    • What was the cost of their burn building?
    • How much are the maintenance and usage costs?
    • What are the related downtime costs?
    • What type of construction and materials were used?
    • How long has it been in service?
    • How often do they burn in it a year and how many times a day?
    • What type of burning are they doing?
    • What is the average duration of a burn?
    • What size and how many stories is the burn building?
  • Keep an eye on fire/rescue conferences and expositions.
  • How versatile and multi-functional is the design of your burn building?
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