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System 203 & System 203 Lite protects live fire training structures from the destruction that occurs during progressive live fire training. Rapidly becoming the “standard” in structural protection of live fire training buildings and towers in the United States and around the world. HTL also repairs and renovates concrete training structures and can provide fully lined burn-pods (add-on burn rooms for existing burn buildings). In addition to fabricating and installing System 203/System 203 Lite, we provide pre-construction design and budgeting services to assist fire departments in obtaining funding packages for renovations or new buildings.

We can provide assistance and information regarding structural surveys of existing structures to assess structural integrity. Once a structure’s condition is determined, informed decisions can be made regarding funding for repairs and/or renovations.

Our lining, System 203, protects walls and ceilings from thermal shock, water damage, extreme temperatures and damage from fire training equipment (extreme conditions associated with live fire training).

We are committed to providing the safest, most reliable and durable live fire training environment possible. Please refer to our list of references to appreciate the breadth of our experience. We are committed to building on our experience and the experiences of our customers to offer the best materials and services available to the fire training community. We hope you will join us in this effort.

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