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Hot Corner

In 1994 High Temperature Linings installed a lining system that has proven it is a system that can deliver 20 years of service. The County of Fairfax directed us to install a protective lining to protect their burn building structure from the extreme temperatures and thermal shock associated with live fire training. Fairfax County has conducted thousands of evolutions since we completed the installation. System 203 continues to provide full protection with little maintenance.

As a part of the lining installation, thermocouples were installed to monitor temperatures on the hot surface of the ceiling, and on the cold surface of the structure behind our lining System 203.

During the six month test period, the temperatures behind System 203 did not exceed 210 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pictured below are recent pictures of the lining taken fifteen years later and still holding up to the intense heat and thermal shock caused from daily live fire training.

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