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High Temperature Linings


High Temperature Linings (HTL) a division of E.H. Glover Inc. is the leading manufacturer and installer of System 203, the most advanced Live Fire Training Structure protection system (burn room liner) for live fire training buildings and towers.

Our System 203 and 203 Lite material is the best available thermal tile lining system on the market.  Specifically designed for fire department and fire training academies to protect their live fire training structures.  System 203 is manufactured in our USA warehouse and each tile must meet our high standards of quality. System 203 is a proven quality material that is reliable, durable, cost effective and nearly maintenance free.  System 203 provides complete live fire structure protection from intense realistic training environments that include fire, steam, thermal shock and mechanical abuse.

Following industry standards, our experience offers proven solutions to designers, architects and fire training divisions across the globe.

In addition to manufacturing and installing System 203, HTL provides pre-construction design and budgeting services for new construction, renovations or retrofits of live fire training structures.

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