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System 203 Benefits

  • Designed for continuous burning at temperatures between 800-2000 degrees F. No cooling down or drying out time is necessary. There are also no restrictions based on ambient temperature or atmospheric conditions.
  • Resistant to thermal shock. Our linings “float” with temperature fluctuations. The system has expansion/contraction joints at 12″ on center in both directions.
  • Rugged. High pressure water streams, tossed pallets and breathing apparatus will not harm System 203.
  • Suitable for all types of buildings. Our lining anchors easily to concrete masonry units. Alternatively, it may be installed to a framework of channels anchored to structural steel if proper ventilation and waterproofing measures are taken.
  • Designed to keep water and steam out. HTL’s unique ship-lapped design protects the insulation and structure from water, steam and heat damage.
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