Current Projects

City of Chandler Arizona


This is the second structure we have protected for Chandler. In 1998 we protected Chandler's Class B live fire training structure. Now Chandler is adding a large Class A structure, protected with System 203. The structure contains 8 burn rooms in addition to other non-burn area.

City of Mesa Arizona

A new Public Safety Training Facility is under construction, the burn rooms will be lined with System 203.



Our Customers

  • We take our customers very seriously as we attempt to address all of their concerns. We welcome anyone to call our customers and get their reaction.

Featured Projects

HTL is currently working on new fire training facilities in several states. Check them out or give them a call to hear how great System 203 is performing. 

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Upcoming Events

HTL is committed to traveling the country visiting trade shows, sponsorship events, and meeting firefighters and training personnel to showcase System 203.

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