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Customer Survey

Over the years we’ve heard great comments from our customers about HTL and our protective linings.

Just recently, we sent out customer feedback questionnaires to determine exactly what our customers were saying after having System 203 installed in their burn buildings.

We had a 30% response rate and 94% satisfaction rate from our existing customers. They were so positive about HTL’s materials and service, we had to dedicate a page to them on our site to show exactly how excited they are about HTL and the difference System 203 has made with their live fire training.

Here is a sample of what some of them had to say:

I’m very happy with the performance of this product. We have had numerous fires and some at high temperatures with great performance. — Jeff Mees, Asst. Chief, Denver Fire Dept.

HTL has been very responsive to our needs/problems. They have always delivered as promised. They have also delivered when not asked. — Jack Cates, Captain, Spokane Fire District #9.

Install HTL once. Great experience working with George, Bill and the others. — Gary Ells, Batt. Chief, Tempe Fire Department.

Engineering and professional–Staff were outstanding. — Tim Dunkle, Administrator, PA State Fire Academy.

No problem with the product and questions directed to company representative have been handled in a highly professional manner. —  Pat Dent, Batt. Chief, Newport News Fire Dept.

System 203 beat any other product we have seen. Your staff was extremely helpful for our contractor and architect throughout the design and construction process. — Robert Rose, Captain (retired), Anne Arundel Co. Fire Dept.

Reaney and Glover have done their homework and it shows in their approach and product. — Jack Reckner, Fire Chief, Jefferson County Fire Training Academy Inc.

Great to work with. Responsive. Quality of work. Deal directly with corporate president. Extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and prompt to respond to questions. — Michael Robinson, Batt. Chief, Baltimore County Fire Dept.

Durability of the material has exceeded our expectations. —
Walter Morris, Rockland County Fire Training Center.

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